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  • After installation / upgrade. Please close your consoles and open new ones.

    • Same with error Unauthorized. (Different gsudo.exe?).
  • Be sure you have configured your shell

  • Use gsudo --debug {command} to see internal debug info.

  • Search gsudo GitHub issues or create a new one if you have identified a problem.

  • Chat on gitter

  • Chat on Discord

Known issues

  • Do not install PowerShell as a .Net global tool (i.e. with dotnet tool install --global PowerShell), because it uses a shim tool with unfixed issues. Install with any other official method instead, or with choco install pwsh, winget install Microsoft.PowerShell.

  • The elevated instances do not have access to the network shares connected on the non-elevated space. This is not a gsudo issue but how Windows works. Use --copyNS to replicate Network Shares into the elevated session, but this is not bi-directional and it's interactive (may prompt for user/password).

  • gsudo.exe can be placed on a network share and invoked as \\server\share\gsudo {command} but doesn't work if your current folder is a network drive. For example do not map \\server\share\ to Z: and then Z:\>gsudo do-something.