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Please consider sponsoring my open source work, mainly on gsudo. I have dedicated my free time for months making this project.

It also helps support the costs of the yearly renewal for the code-signing certificate.

To provide a signed application (and not let the UAC popup show "Untrusted Publisher", which also protects end users by helping them detect that gsudo binaries hadn´t been altered) I have paid 56 USD each year, since 2020, for an Open-Source Code-Signing certificate. The last purchase expired in Apr 2022. Please consider sponsoring me to ensure I can provide signed binaries for another year.

💵 BTC 33LVf9Ek9hg5dQYf1EFWUoJaF5W3tWrrhZ

💵 ETH/USDC/USDT/SHIB 0x3c207f47a80b6feede8e9546ea1ca68635652452

💵 One time, or recurring donations via PayPal or Debit/Credit Card

I'm working on sponsoring platforms, so this page may be updated soon. Still the mentioned platforms work.