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Hi, I'm Gerardo, a seasoned software developer from Argentina with a journey in programming that began at the age of 15. My passion for technology led me to create 'gsudo', an open-source project that enhances the windows desktop.

Through sponsorship, you can help sustain the ongoing development of 'gsudo', including keeping it updated, adding new features, and potentially kickstarting new projects. Your support will address practical needs like covering code-signing certificate costs and other expenses, enabling me to focus on innovation and development.

gsudo is delivered as a signed application. This ensures the UAC popup doesn't show "Untrusted Publisher", and protects end users detect that gsudo binaries hadn´t been altered.

On Nov 2022, Parag Mehta @parag_c_mehta gifted me a code signing certificate which expires in Nov 2025. We have some months left to collect $632 for another 3 year renewal.

How to donate:

💵 Via GitHub Sponsors

💵 One time, or recurring donations via PayPal or Debit/Credit Card

💵 BTC 33LVf9Ek9hg5dQYf1EFWUoJaF5W3tWrrhZ

💵 ETH/USDC/USDT/SHIB 0x3c207f47a80b6feede8e9546ea1ca68635652452